IMPaC Oil and Gas Engineering has successfully executed various projects in Nigeria and Worldwide. Selected projects are presented below:

Project Name and Location Client Date Terrain
AFAM F5 Reservoir Development Project SPDC 2011 Onshore, Brownfield
Facilities As-built Drawing Update for Okoloma Gas Plant SPDC 2011 Onshore, Brownfield
FEED for Forcados Yokri Integrated Project SPDC 2011 Onshore, Brownfield
Detail Engineering design Forcados Yokri Integrated Project SPDC 2012 -2015 Onshore, Brownfield
3D Laser scanning-Fabrication Assurance - UBIT GG Pigging Facilities ExxonMobil 2011 Offshore, Brownfield
3D Laser Scanning FPSO Bonga entire topside and Hull ( machinery room) SNEPCO 2014 - 2015 Offshore, Brownfield
Detail design of 6" Gas pipelines from Stubb Creek to UQUO CPF Universal Energy 2011 Onshore, Greenfield
Facilities Design Modification & Equipment Integration FUN Group / ExxonMobil 2011 Onshore, Greenfield
Development/Validation of P &IDs for Hull Systems at Sea Eagle FPSO Baywood Continental / SPDC 2011 Offshore, Brownfield
Nembe Electrical Interdependency Project SPDC 2011 Onshore, Greenfield
Laser Scanning FPSO Bonga Dorman Long / SNEPCO 2009-2010 Offshore, Brownfield
Detail design Pipeline from Stubb Creek to Tank Farm-25km Universal Energy / SiNOPEC 2009-2010 Onshore, Greenfield
Umuechem/Ahia-Adibawa AG Solution SPDC 2008-2009 Onshore, Brownfield
Design of Tanker Berthing Facility 'FLT Onne' Pipelines Intels 2007 Onshore, Greenfield